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Normally capitalists rarely ever think of anyone but themselves and their profits. But sustainable sportswear manufacturers like CIFRA are committed to providing you with quality products and caring for the environment.

What's The Harm In Regular Sportswear? Fabric Factor

A fit and healthy body is something we all want, some people head to the gym immediately while others

vicariously look up sportswear to get themselves motivated. Gym Wear should be durable and increase the body's movements. To get this factor in their products, other manufacturers use fabrics like polyester which have microplastics in their fibres. Such garments shed the microplastics back into the environment after every wash.,which is a bad thing for the environment.

Labour Rights

Additionally, sportswear is often manufactured in third world countries with child labor or low waged workers. This creates a harmful cycle for the community, as waste is often dumped into their water sources. In short, sustainability doesn’t only mean benefitting the earth, it should also benefit the workers.

Sustainable Sportswear Manufacturer Europe Takes The Cake

Where regular sportswear falls short, sustainable sportswear takes the lead. Sustainable sportswear has been around for a few years, you must’ve heard your gym buddies talking about doing the best for your body and the earth. CIFRA, a sustainable sportswear manufacturer Europe, maintains its quality products and eco-friendly manufacturing. They prioritise the environment at every step.

From choosing the best organic recycled yarn to CO2 emission-reducing efforts, CIFRA has stayed firm on its commitment to sustainability. Their patent WKS knitting system makes use of all the yarn, leaving no waste. CIFRA also has a made-to-order policy, only manufacturing enough units a customer demands. This reduces any leftover stocks. It is an Oeko Tex certified operation. This sustainable sportswear manufacturer also prides on its worker policies and provides necessary resources and wages.

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