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Top quality of European yarns


The choice of the fiber is an important aspect for the realization of warp knitted items.
The first step when we receive bobbins from the supplier is the WARPING.


Yarn packages are set up on the creel.


512 ends of yarn are warped on 21 "beams (or 1024 on a 42)".


Beams are set on the machine. Up to 5 tons of yarn can be loaded on a single knitting machine.


Yarns are threaded from creel to warper through tension devices.


We assist the client choosing fibers and yarns

Thanks to the possibility to blend different kind of fibers, we can offer a wide range of fabrications, with or without elastomer, both natural and synthetic: accordingly to final use and needs, from sportswear to fashion, our customer are offer several possible choices which include also ECO-SUSTAINABLE RECYCLED AND BIO YARNS.

For more info about our fibers compositions, please

The most used fiber by Cifra for the knitting of WKS garments is Nylon 6.6. Its excellent properties:
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Elastic
  • Easy to wash
  • Superior moisture management
  • Filament yarns provide smooth, soft and long-lasting fabrics
  • Light and warm
We use it single or combined with Lycra, Polypropylene, polyester, merino wool and many others.
We can offer it standard or also eco-sustainable.

Here some of the specialities fibers Cifra cooperates with:
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