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Some of the best fashion comes from Europe, particularly Italy. In recent years Italian clothing manufacturers have shifted from fast fashion to more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing. CIFRA is an Italian clothing manufacturer that has upheld its commitment to bettering the environment since its inception in 1961.

Building Your Brand

Do you want to start your clothing business but want to be mindful of the environmental impact the fashion industry has? Well, look no further than Verano Brianza, Italy! CIFRA is one of the leading sustainable clothing manufacturers in Europe. A company with Oeko-Tex, A2A, STEP, and GRS certification, this is the place to get your brand started!

How Does Cifra Create Sustainable Clothing?

CIFRA uses WKS warp knitting cutting-edge technology for its production. The yarn is fed to machines that use every bit of yarn, leaving behind no scraps of waste. Warp knitting also ensures quality and durability which are key elements for sustainable clothing, the longer the garment lasts, the less need to recycle it. Your clothing will be made-to-order ensuring no leftover stock goes to waste. CIFRA uses sustainable and organic yarn in its clothing that has been recycled, with no unnecessary water or energy consumption. The garments are biodegradable.

Cifras Philosophy

CIFRA believes in a clean and green environment with equal business opportunities.CIFRA has been striving and succeeding in decreasing its CO2 emissions. This European sustainable clothing manufacturer ensures nothing goes to waste or ends up incinerated. Only the best quality organic yarn is used in manufacturing sustainable garments. You can build your sustainable clothing brand from the ground up with CIFRA. The Italian manufacturer upholds its 30-year history of luxury and excellence with comfortable, stylish, innovative, and obviously sustainable garments. Don’t settle for a mediocre European sustainable clothing manufacturer for your brand and contact CIFRA today!

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