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Silhouette sportswear manufacturer

Do your customers looking for a sportswear manufacturer that caters to their body type and creates pieces that will accentuate their body? CIFRA is the silhouette sportswear manufacturer for you. CIFRA is an Italian sustainable garments manufacturer that specialises in warp knitting and seamless garments.

Are Sportswear And Activewear The Same Thing?

We’ve all been there, thinking sportswear and activewear are the same things. Surprisingly, they do not require different knitting techniques and fabrics. Who knew? Sportswear is worn when you want to play some sport or for outdoor activity. While activewear is worn when you want something casual and comfortable while being moderately active. The level of activity determines the fabrics and knitting needed for each. Sportswear would need to be more breathable while activewear would be softer and more comfortable.

What Will Silhouette Sportswear Do?

If your customers are ones of those people who love garments that accentuate their body’s natural curves, then this is for your company. Silhouette sportswear manufacturers like CIFRA keep the need of end users in mind, when producing them. The silhouette sportswear stretches and fits the body like a glove. It's so comfortable that it will feel like a second skin. The silhouette sportswear won't tug on the body or create rolls giving an unpleasing appearance.

Cifra’s Silhouette Sportswear Is Different

Silhouette sportswear manufacturer CIFRA uses 3D warp knitting technology to create perfect sportswear. The warp knits are stretchable and durable. The sportswear goes back to its original dimensions after each wear and wash. The stretchability of the silhouette sportswear doesn’t restrict the body’s movements, instead allows you to perform intense workouts easily. CIFRA manufactures its sportswear with interspersed mesh to add breathability to make your customer’s workouts easier. The garments are also absorbent so that your customers will not covered in sweat at the end of their workout. CIFRAs silhouette sportswear is tailor-made according to the customer's wants, choose your pick of designs, yarns, and colours from CIFRAs website.

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