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You’re customers like working out and like having an active life, they also want to have the best gear to ensure their body meets the gains. Then let them get their hands on seamless t-shirts, they’re a game-changer!

How Are T-Shirts Seamless?

Normally, t-shirts are stitched from woven fabrics, the sleeves and necklines are cut out into panels and an overlocking machine stitches them into a garment. Seamless t-shirts on the other hand are knitted into a whole garment. Seamless T-shirt manufacturers knit the entire t-shirt in a tabular manner. Manufacturers like CIFRA use specialised machines to knit these seamless t-shirts. The t-shirts are a must-have if your customers go to the gym regularly and want extra comfort from their gym clothes.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Seamless T-Shirts Are Better

Better Fit

Seamless t-shirts are knitted from yarns that stretch to fit the body and give it a sleek look. Seamless t-shirt manufacturer CIFRA also uses body mapping to ensure the t-shirt perfectly moulds over the body and acts as a second skin. Manufacturers like CIFRA use jacquard systems to add mesh and breathability to specific parts of the body that sweat more.

Comfort And Durability

Since the seamless t-shirts snugly fit the body, they allow a wider range of movements. Seamless t-shirts do not restrict the body making high-intensity workouts easier and enjoyable. Your customers will be less likely to experience irritability due to itchy stitches or seams that fold over. Seamless t-shirt manufacturers produce garments made from the highest quality fabrics giving you a comfortable fit. Seamless t-shirts are also more durable due to their stretchability and high-quality fabric. No seams will come loose after a couple of months of use that you have to stitch again. CIFRA offers a wide range of colours and styles of seamless t-shirts for everyday use, have a look at our catalogue on the website and contact us for information about our products and white label service!

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