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There's no denying that seamless garments have amazing quality and comfort. But how is a seamless garment made, and what makes it so different? Seamless garment manufacturer CIFRA has its knitting process on its website for customers to understand and learn. The seamless garment industry is booming with current demands for comfortable and durable clothing.

What Is A Seamless Garment?

Seamless garments are knitted from yarn entirely, they don’t have any stitches, cuts, or seams. The knitted yarn makes them stretchable and more durable than their counterparts. Normally clothes are made from woven fabric, which is cut and sewn by human hands. This adds the aspect of error, which is something seamless garments don’t have as everything is mechanised. CIFRA is a seamless garment manufacturer that uses eco-friendly yarns to produce seamless gym wear, swimwear, hosiery, and much more. Their designs and styles are unmatched due to the Raschel warp knits used in production. This seamless garment manufacturer provides tailor-made services to its clients giving them the freedom to personalise their seamless garments. With their made-to-order policy, CIFRA also avoids any waste in terms of leftover stocks.

How Are Seamless Garments Made?

A seamless garment is made through a circular knitting process to create ready-to-wear garments. Seamless garment manufacturers use specialised knitting machines to create large cylindrical garments that are later modified into specific clothing items. Seamless clothing manufacturers like CIFRA use its WKS Raschel Double- needle bar Jacquard warp knit technology to create seamless garments. The WKS knitting machine is 128 inches long while the dimensions and diameters can be personalised. This seamless garment manufacturer adds any style and design using CAD technology to create prototypes for its customers. CIFRA is an Italian garments manufacturer with its 4000 square metre production plant in Verano Brianza, Italy.

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