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Summer is right around the corner and we’re all gearing up for the beaches and pools. Summer has never looked better with Italian sustainable swimwear. If you want your customers look their best at the beach while playing their part in bettering the environment, then you have to get your hands on sustainable private label Italian swimwear!

What Makes Swimwear Unsustainable?

Regular swimwear pieces are made of synthetic fibres that contain microplastics. Fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex release these microplastics after every wash, which are extremely harmful to the environment. While fabrics such as these are more practical and are easily mass-produced, their long-term environmental implications are far higher. It's easy to give into fast trends that change every month. Trendy swimwear rarely lasts a year and sometimes even falls apart after a couple of wears. Rather than buying swimwear every year, try investing in sustainable swimwear from private label swimwear manufacturers like CIFRA.

Fashionable Italian Sustainable Swimwear

Italy is a mecca for fashion and in recent years is striving to embrace eco-friendly and sustainable options. Swimwear has traditionally been stretchy, trendy, and usually made from polyester. Private label manufacturers like CIFRA are bringing their fresh outlook and innovative designs into the limelight. CIFRA uses its state-of-the- art warp knitting to create seamless sustainable swimwear. Ethical and environmentally safe yarns like:



  • Amni SOUL ECO

  • Merino Nylon Bio

  • Q-Nova

  • r-Radyarn-



Are used to manufacture sustainable and ecologically mindful swimwear. CIFRA has durability and comfort as one of its top priorities. The swimwear pieces are knitted to create resilient garments that will last you several years. CIFRA manufactures swimwear on a made-to-order basis to reduce any waste from leftover stocks. Customers are welcome to choose their choice of yarns, length, stitch, and colour for tailor made swimwear.

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