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Everyone has specific choices and preferences in terms of clothing. Some people have a hard time finding their size in department stores. This is where custom gym clothes manufacturers come in. Manufacturers like CIFRA produce made-to-order gym clothes. Perfectly suitable for everyone.

What Is Cifra?

CIFRA is an Italian garments manufacturer that opened its doors in 1961 and started manufacturing agricultural nets. It would go on to acquire Rashcel double knit bar Jacquard machines and ramp up its production. CIFRA is currently known as the “warp knit centre of excellence”.

How Does Cifra Manufacture Its Gym Clothes?

CIFRA is an Italian manufacturer that produces seamless garments through its state-of-the-art WKS warp knitting technology. This ensures their commitment to quality and comfort. The gym clothes are knitted into cylindrical garments that are processed according to their use. Customers can personalise these garments and add their choice of designs and different meshes with the help of CAD technology. Their Raschel double-needle knits create intricate patterns and cutouts adding a flair of style. A dedicated team of experts oversees production and packaging ensuring CIFRAs guaranteed quality. If you’re looking for an Italy-based company to manufacture custom gym clothes for your clothing business then CIFRA is for you.

Things To Know About Cifras Custom Gym Clothing Manufacturing

  • CIFRA only takes orders in bulk, their minimum in MOQ is 1000 units/style or 500 units/each size. MCQ in 500 units/colour

  • The prototype costs between 100 to 300 Euros depending on the complexity

  • CIFRAs production can pump out 10,000 units per day

  • You can pick different sustainable fibres from their catalogue and even mix and match depending on what kind of garment you need

  • CIFRA can meet all dimension requirements set by its customers

  • CIFRA does not deal in samples, if you want to have a closer look at their fabric then you can always set up a meeting!

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