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Fashion & fitness

The booming athleisure trend combines casual fashion and sportswear and is not just a fashion trend, but a lifestyle.
It is about feeling both comfortable/functional
and well-dressed at the same time.

Cifra italian brand


Functionality, performance and style for an active life

These revolutionary garments allow to play your favorite sport with unparalleled comfort.
The absence of seams prevents the occurrence of skin irritation and ventilation areas provide perfect moisture management while adapting precisely to the body like a second skin.
WKS represents a new generation of sportswear ideal for training, yoga, running, cycling and many other sports.

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WKSTM Fashion

Elegance and comfort for everyday life

WKSTM technology allows a continuous improvement in development of new iconic styles that meets customers’ demand, and keep up with updated fashion trends.
Endless possibilities of jacquard designs, stitches combinations and shapes can be realized in a single garment.

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